LG G Flex wins iF Design Award 2014

Introduction LG G Flex wins iF Design Award 2014.With so many flagship “plus ones” out there, it’s refreshing to see something truly revolutionary. The LG G Flex is curved like a Beckham free kick and has a flexible screen and battery, along with a unique self-healing coating on the back. LG G Flex official images […]

7 Ways to Back Up Your Company’s Data

Introduction 7 Ways to Back Up Your Company’s Data With the rapid evolution of technology comes new ways to make your business more efficient. As more businesses discard physical records and move towards electronic records, it becomes increasingly important to make sure you efficiently back up all of your data. How would you go about doing […]

Samsung Gear 2 Neo smartwatches

Introduction : Samsung Gear 2 Neo smartwatches It wasn’t too long ago that Samsung announced its first generation Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Aimed at competing with the likes of Pebble and anticipated competition from Apple, the Gear 2 was a relative failure because of its high price point, poor battery life and limited compatibility. Fast forward […]

Top 7 Business Apps For Your New iOS

Introduction Top 7 Business Apps For Your New iOS  mobile phone is your best friend! You want a meal, schedule an urgent meeting, need to see your doctor or want to speak to your daughter staying in hostel; do it all when you have a phone. This gadget never says no. Life is just easy. […]

iPad Mini Vs. Microsoft Surface, the Battle Begin

Introduction iPad Mini Vs. Microsoft Surface, the Battle Begin -While it’s true that these two devices aren’t direct competitors, by launching them both around the same time, October 23, it gives the world a real old fashioned Microsoft vs. Apple battle. Consumers have always enjoyed watching a good fight between two equally worthy companies, and […]

How to Update |Android Version on Mobile Phone

How to Update |Android Version on Mobile Phone in simple step.The Open Handset Alliance (OHA), a consortium that includes technology companies like Google, Texas Instrument, Motorola, Qualcomm, Samsung, and others has committed itself to creating unrestricted standards for cell phones and other mobile devices. Android is the result of this, a Linux-based mobile phone operating […]

Eye-Fi Mobi Review

Eye-Fi Mobi Review Introduction Wi-Fi is increasingly being incorporated into many mid to top end digital cameras, a useful feature that allows instant access and sharing through several portals. However, it’s a still widely regarded as a premium thing, which means getting those photos from the camera to our devices is still a laborious process. […]

Top 10 Android phones (January 2014 edition)

Introduction of Andriod Time once again to take a tour of a handful of the best Android phones currently available on the market (January 2014). There are a few new handsets, including one for all you pure Android fans. Want something bigger than your average smartphone? If so, there’s also a phablet for you to […]

Sony Xperia m Review

Sony Xperia m Review Sony Xperia M is new smartphone new lunched in market, the Sony Xperia M is a 4-inch screen Android smartphone that’s certainly no Xperia Z1 or Japan-bound Xperia Z1f. You don’t get the 20.7-megapixel camera or HD screen of those phones, but for £180 what you do get are some pretty decent […]

Now Available on Google Play: ZombieFaced Free Zombie Booth

    Specifications Android users who are looking to add a bit of zombie spice to their life, listen up! ZombieFaced Free Zombie Booth, an entertaining photo app developed by Fragranze Apps, is now available to download for free on Android devices via Google Play.ZombieFaced Free Zombie Booth allows users to create frightening zombified images […]